Empty streets, broken bottles,
taxis not driving
that nobody is wanting.
Graffiti and gum stuck to
a pavement floor.
Cold shuttering wind
slamming the doors
of shops, broken on
an early Saturday morning.
Drinkers being sick outside
down a side street
swinging from lamp lights
trying not to fall on the ground.
I witness all these things
as I walk past all of this
feeling a little nervous
at it all.
Not turning the other way
or jumping over a wall.
Feeling apprehensive or
vulnerable then to the core
I’m not stopping around
to fall like these men
and women, who I have seen
so many times before.
I’m trying to find my own way
as time goes away.
I discover a new door
but it is shut on me forever more.
It is too impossible to forget
with all the things I have done
wrong. I regret.
Around another corner
in another town
the same things happen.
Another tide
like a feeling of being
a blind man.
Nowhere to hide.