My girl, she dances in the room
while I work, my girl Julie
gorgeous as she dances in the room.
My girl, she dances in the park
as I read yet another book
and she smiles as she dances in the park,
My girl Amanda, she dances in my head
as I work on nothing but another dream
she smiles at me, my girl
and tomorrow she will dance in my kitchen
as I sip on a brand-new day.
My girl, she floats in my life
unreal as I walk down the hall
to another novel, another biography
she seems a little sad, my girl Sabrina
as I sit in my chair to open the book.
My girl, she dances between the pages
a little distracted
a little less light
a little less happy
she seems to disappear, as she dances away
my girl Sonja, trying to distract me
for just an instant.
My girl Zelda, she succeeded
for that one second as she danced with Isadora
just a few steps and tomorrow my girl
will dance in my room and I will read the book
dream my thoughts and an in-folio will come alive
just for my girl, Savannah.