There was
                                          a warning, not enough
There was
                                          false hope as the living sea sucked back its water
Too soon though
                                         loss burst over her, smashing everything in its path,
savagely gnashing
                                         clawing at her fabric
a seismic seizure
                                         ripping all asunder
no safe harbor
Her teeth grit
                        around the glass and sand spilled from an hourglass
She clings to last shreds
                                       rides the memories inward
odd froth
                                      nothing important
catches in branches:
                        the way his mouth pursed when he whistled
not the gestures
                        that formed her
they recede
                                     like the water,
sweeping him
sweeping her
                                    a wave
She does not think
                                   to wait for aftershocks
thinks nothing
                        could be worse
She's wrong