Thanks for planning my funeral in

advance, I mean it. You probably don’t know

how much it means to me

that you care about showing my face in a clear glass coffin

to people who knew me

and may or may not have loved me.

A minor suggestion, though: the number of white roses

you said to lay on my grave was twelve. Can’t

we go with eleven red, one pink, no white?

I don’t know, red is better. Red is brighter.

Unless you prefer white to colors. 

Do whatever you will, hold – hold on and give me a moment

to breathe. I don’t like the quote

you chose. I don’t like any of the quotes 

you chose to go on my headstone. 

I don’t like any of the quotes I chose to go on my headstone, though,

so it may as well be something picked out

by someone who will actually see them.