I spend a lot of my life round people who have been hurt and

aged within.

I myself have a lonely face, you can’t always see it.

When I’m upset, it shows in my face and eyes.

- I have in the past said a lot of goodbyes.

Other people I have known have had hurt from all-over


I see it through a bus window or at a train station

When it’s quiet. I look around and see them bowed down not

wanting people to see them, it makes me wonder what there is

going through inside their head, they are wounded.

Perhaps wearing a cap helps if you’re nervous.

I don’t do this any more.

I feel more comfortable within, and not suspicious.

I walk past people everywhere, their heads sometimes turned.

Is it me? I guess not.

I can only see their lonely face, as they are in front of me.

There are many lonely faces, in so many places.