I want a camisole,
Want it white,
Smooth polyester,
Loose, not tight.
M&S – no white ones.
Ranges have been cut.
Can’t go to BHS
‘Cos BHS has shut.
Don’t want a coloured one
That shows through my clothes,
Don’t want thermals
(Got some of those).
Don’t want cotton,
Don’t want lace,
Don’t want ‘shapewear’
To squash me into place.
Don’t want a ‘secret shelf’,
(That’s why I wear a bra).
Don’t want a ‘cooling vest’
That stretches down too far.
Been round Primark,
Been round town,
Been round the internet.
Been let down.
Went to Bury Market.
Camis by the score!
BHS remainder stock,
So there will be no more.
Ladies wearing camisoles,
Take a tip from me.
Hang on to your white ones -
They may be the last you’ll see.