Poppy in her new blue coat,

Katy and Bobby hand me downs,

at the place where 'Jesus bids us shine'.

Tuppence in their pockets.


Poppy top of the chain

where coats were concerned.

took her place in the pew first

Katy and Bobby in order of age

and coat.


Children at the front nearer to Jesus.

I bet he heard the usual thump

during the Vicar's long prayers

Katy shoved Bobby off the end of the pew.

Picking his nose again.


After 'Jesus I have promised' collection time came.

Poppy put her penny in.

"Ouch", Katy's elbow.

"I'll tell Mum,"

"she'll put you in 'your small corner'",

"I won't be in mine".


While the 'breath of God' was breathing

on grown ups,

children shuffled out for Sunday school.


Poppy didn't feel 'bright and beautiful'.


Jesus wouldn't 'want her for a sunbeam',

not with a penny still in her pocket.


Back for home time blessing.

Poppy left her penny on the pew,

making sure Katy had seen it

and gentle Jesus too. EPM (C) 2019