Translated from Kurdish to English by: Khaled Chalabi


After you

Forever I became a loafer

I was a pal of the waterside animals by day

I was sleeping in front of a bank at night

After you

I was showering only occasionally

I never cleaned my ass in the toilet

The swarm of mosquitoes encompassed me

Like a smelly corpse , I was ditched

After you

I menaced the flowers, caressed the thistles

I sang for cats, read the poem for the dog

I was stealing the shoes in mosques and

Masturbating in cemeteries

After you, noontimes I was knocking on doors and running away

Peeing on their walls

And breaking the windows

like moonstruck yoking at the mall

And sometimes like kids was mewling for her.

After you

My food was just cigarette, tea and crumbs and sometimes an egg.

I was busted,

My forehead was bloody; snot and sweat were leaking from it.

After you

I smelled of public toilets

My mum wasnt dandling me any more

From a distance they were hooting at me and throwing stones toward me.

After you,

I was burning the sparrow’s nest

And cutting the street trees

Shitting on the shop’s lock

Tearing down the propaganda on the boards

Breaking the lights in the street.

After you, at nights I was sleeping in the doghouse

In the mornings, I accompanied the truck engine to the allies

I was begging and praising them for chicken feed

After you,

I became a traitor, disclosing people to police

Quarrelling with people and always I have been kicking

After you,

I was attacking the public phones

I was putting stones on the post boxes

With muddy shoes I was wandering the malls and walking around the whole mall!

After you, my mouth smelled of the fetid socks of summer

There was mucus, phlegm, and sputum coming out of my mouth

After you, I didnt say hello to anyone!

After you I became leprous

After you I smelled of faeces

My yawning was like the smell of urine

After you I became a pestilence of snakes, ants, mice, beetles and bugs!