I'd studied closely the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus said at the end of it, 'go and do likewise...'

So, I had.

I'd look every bloody where for a person stripped and robbed so I could help them and you know what? They're very hard to find. Quite frankly, after a few months, I'd thought of attacking someone myself, from behind obviously, so they couldn't see me and then I could pretend to be the good Samaritan and use the money I'd stolen from them to help them.

But the first person I did it to didn't have any sodding money and it cost me a fortune to buy them new clothes and put them up in a hotel even if it was only a bed & breakfast.

I gave up on that idea and thought more about what Jesus had said. Maybe he hadn't meant it literally but if so, what could I do to 'do likewise' as he'd said?

I racked my brains, I had to do good to my fellow man but how? Walking through the streets, I thought more deeply about it when I was accosted by a beggar, 'spare change for the homeless,' he mumbled or some such.

'Get out of my way!' I shouted at him pushing him roughly aside, 'can't you see I'm on a mission to help people!'