So you’re sitting on that outcrop looking down the valley through the man-made forest and just catching a glimpse of the lake through the trees and it’s a big sky, all as you imagined and no-one comes on this track which is mainly overgrown and you’ve been treading whinberries for twenty minutes and in no way is this isolation, you’re only two miles from an A road; and on a day like this it doesn’t feel like desolation, it’s not quite approaching dark, and there’s no fear of puma or bear although beware the midges, they can eat you alive; a short way to the East is the city and its satellites, and in that metropolis of a million there are people who are more isolated, more desolate, more threatened and you marvel at your luck and take credit for your initiative in hiking from that bus stop on that A road, when you suddenly become aware of someone beside you and it’s not frightening, but it’s about to become chastening as Gary says; that’s your trouble friend, overthinking, you’re polluting the best of the day with your idle thoughts when all you have to do is let go, soak yourself in the clean air, if there are no lilies at least consider the heather, breathe it in, become part of it, put your rational thoughts aside for just ten minutes…. just ten minutes; they’ll still be there to chew you up, later, no point of making this small journey to ruin it with thinking’; and the sun is setting behind you, and an orange glow suffuses that little snatch of lake, and a pale crescent moon, scarcely visible appears above the city in the East, and the air is warm and still, and the midges are enjoying their supper, but it doesn’t matter until tomorrow.