hey friend! hey nihilist friend! how’s it feel to be

a being without being in the end of the world?

how’s it feel out there! how’s it going! how’s it go!

how’s it go when you go without wanting to know

to know how to mean what you mean to say what you say

to say anything? with a meaning? do you think it has

but oh you would of course you would. hey friend!

hey hedonist friend! hey happiest friend! how’s it feel to

feel happy for a change? how’s it feel when nothing’s

what makes you be kind? what’s it feel to be kind?

kind of strange to be feeling but strange is what gets

you going after all doesn’t it? hey friend. hey friend?

how do you have friends? how’s a person have friends?

how’s it work when you have a happy nothing in the end

of the world? how’s the world? how’d you get a happy end?