If I were silver, sure I would but dirty grey like dried out mud is all I get to try and look good.

The hints of white are not alright just shown to give the temples might.

Would that it was thus all over, I'd be elated, live in clover.... BUT


It's there in spades with multi shades, so long as grey is on parade.

Is it blonde locks that bind the years? Keep them at bay, stem the tears?

Well yes in truth it helps, no doubt, as when gender discrimination's about.

What looks distinguished on some men, is not always truth. If you've lived with one you have the proof. 


Yet we girls hide, unless it's white or silver as in shiny and bright. That is still the fairer even though grey. What really matters would you say?

Well, I'll just stick to colour that was natural, for many years and that is factual. Begone dull greys I'm up for the 'quo. Covid-19 may force its growth but reality check shouts no, no, no.💪