Time’s beauty and life’s ever-changing scene
are like mosaics made from picture books
left on display inside a theatre
where actors spoke, the chorus guessed
each question that was asked, and nodded ‘yes’.
But I remember life I spent alone
remembering books I read before
and secret trips to places I was told
were there when time began - I did not know
if we were shadows from some larger life
or imagination’s dream,
but I see trees and flowers, nature’s world,
an island and a harbour far from home
seen when lights are dim, when sound is still.
And when the reef has disappeared from sight -
but it was there! and maybe I can find
my hidden staircase back to yesterday.
Is tomorrow waiting to be found?
You told me to plant flowers, feed the birds,
sew stitches, bake, and browse through other books
where memory was stored. I think I felt
God’s kiss when I went out to plant more bulbs.