Rain-soaked sanctuary 
of monsoon mountains
bursting with exotic life
tucked in Himalayan foothills
many miles from urban strife;

Rich with songs of sunbird
coloring morning mists
yellow, crimson and blue
through rhododendron flowers
perched on leaves dipped in dew;

Ringing with primate calls
as lion-tailed macacques 
traverse lush canopy
with passionate mating cries
from atop tall kapok tree;

Resounding with fresh sound
of waterfalls plunging
as Godavari River pours
through ancient temple baths 
with power that restores;

Resonating with each step
of Indian elephant herds
as they forage through the glade
to banks of mud-rich marsh
to cool in bamboo shade;

Radiating striped majesty
of Bengal tigers on the prowl
stalking spotted chital deer
at precious waterholes
poised to pounce without fear;

Roamed by water buffalo
wallowing in lilied swamps
crowned by white egrets
riding crescent horns
at mud-baths without regrets;

Restored by fists of clouds
from the Arabian Sea
lands of the Western Ghats
thunder diversity.