(Charles Dickens assignment, May 2022)
Allow me to be frank.
Do you think he games at all
I think he makes bets
Mr Harthouse the man of us all.
As if that were not correct
She added, of course he loses
He continues to say I make
bets not incur debts.
As May explains, no-one knows
he throws around his money
to imply, beat me at my own game
Mrs Boundary he sighs to you.
And she says, I want to help Tom
But can’t resolve him
and his desperate ways
off addiction, to hold onto him.
No money is returned by Tom.
It’s flushed away, he is now
on the run.
For others more issues to resolve
Nowhere else to go.


Explanation:        This assignment intrigued me. I envisaged two people in a wealthy Edwardian stately manor.

Tom was a poor young servant and is desperate to gain some wealth and improve his life and health due to stealing of Mrs Boundary led to him running away.

Now Tom wants his wicked way with Charlotte, a young girl in Mrs Boundary’s house, but cannot return and is now unknown without a home.