'I wish you to know that you have been the last dream of my soul'. (A Tale Of Two Cities.)

I dream inside of silence as I lie upon my bed,
With visions of sheer beauty swimming around in my head,
I know that my body will die before the day is out,
And these are the visions that my eyes see all about.

I see rainbows in the distance echoing as in a dream,
As my thoughts drift into circles that gather on a stream,
I know what lies ahead for me and to what I leave behind,
A paradox of beauty, if such beauty can be defined.

The music in the mountains and the silence in the meadows,
Blend into a symphony where all my passions flow,
I hear them singing in the nighttime but also at midday,
And throughout my whole life or so I heard the mermaids say.

To whom am I writing, and in what language should I use,
For inside of my passions there are none that I could refuse,
The God that I encountered on the day that I was born,
And the entities of pleasure that I dreamt would be forlorn.

My wife bears a crown that no-other could attempt to steal,
For only when I had met her did my dreams turn out to be so real,
And our two sons became an answer to a question never asked,
They became an answer to a question that we hoped would always last.